Fish Report for 2-2-2018

Photo Credit: Jeff DeBuys


Jeff DeBuys

The boat returned today with a nice catch of Yellowfin and some Wahoo. Even with the adverse conditions all week down there the guys put in some serious rail time and as always it payed off for those who kept at it. A huge thanks to everyone who made the trip this year and to Brian Porter our fabulous host and Seeker rods.
1st place John Kerner 242 lb Yellowfin
2nd place Albert Chuang 216 lb Yellowfin
3rd place Greg Williams 215 lb Yellowfin
Other cows
Tony Montez 209
Niphon Wongrassamee 216
Doug Tweedy 210
Paul Geurts 226. & 202
Ying Lee 209
We are going into our annual maintenance time and Fred hall show, so stop by and say hi, sea ya then , Jeff & crew

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