Fish Report for 1-14-2018

Photo Credit: Jeff DeBuys


Jeff DeBuys

Well we finally got some internet service going and here is how it all went down this trip. We covered lots and lots of water only to find a little bit of fish everywhere we went. The fishing part went like this, lots of waiting around to get a bite and lots of non biting fish made it a real challenge for everyone out here this past week. It seems like there were more fish sign and biters before the super moon arrived and then things slooooowed way down. We were able to scratch out a trip but it was not easy by means. We still had a great time with Stans group and we had excellent weather. We did have one day where things definitely went our way, other than that 8 to 15 fish a day and some Wahoo. We have a great ride up the line and will be in on Wednesday, we'll post an ETA on Tues, Jeff & crew

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