Fish Report for 1-12-2018

Pluggin' away

Tim Ekstrom

Sounds pretty consistent on the outside - a couple of handfuls of bigun’s each day with shot or two at cows. They rode out a little bump on Wed and Thur but last night things settled right down setting the stage for a grand finale in calm conditions. Depending on their fortunes today they may set up for a look on the inside to break up the ride. But if things go their way till the final evening shot rest assured they will stay put and make the most of it. For the ride home they will be blessed with beautiful conditions the entire way. That in itself is an incredible stroke of good fortune. I will forward Capt Brian “Gerbie” Sims’ report from the last fishing day when I have the information in hand.

On the big fish front the latest success goes to Erik Masuda with a 235 and another to the old salt (his Dad) Steve who got it done with another 205. Photo for the day is one I pulled from the Revillagigedo tagging voyage archive. This was one of the “lucky” 170 pounders that was landed, tagged, and lived to tell about it!

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