Fish Report for 12-19-2017

Sublime ride

Tim Ekstrom

Wow what a ride. The lightest breeze and zero swell or sea made for an epic crossing. Chewing up miles at a brisk pace the beautiful morning passed in style while the boys got things squared away for our first arrival mid afternoon. Obligations met ahead of schedule we continued the journey to home sweet home blessed with superb weather fortune right to last mile.

On the fishing front we scratched out a respectable catch of beautiful Guadalupe yellowfin making the absolute most of what we had to work with. The real credit belongs to each individual angler. Through nothing other than dedicated effort - time spent at the rail, a fine catch accumulated in the RSW tanks one fish at a time. Perhaps the best feature of the island this season is that even when the fishing slows to a tough scratch it doesn’t take many to make one’s voyage a success. At one hundred to one hundred fifty pounds, some up to 180-190, even one or two fish makes it all worth while. Combined with the spectacular scenery both above and below the surface there is nothing above 20 degrees latitude north that compares to this destination.

As for the upcoming voyages departing December 26th anglers can rest assured that there are still plenty of fish at the island ready and waiting. Photos today feature first time Royal Star angler’s Damien Criner and Tyler Noriega enjoying their hard earned victories.

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