Fish Report for 12-18-2017

Happy Ending

Tim Ekstrom

All ready to go in perfect, flat calm weather we awaited daybreak confident that good things were soon to come. Exactly where we wanted to be along the edge bite time had consistently began about 0700. At the rail lined up and ready anglers fished hard looking to be the fortunate first to start the day with the call of “Biter!!”. 0700 came around then 0730, then 0800. By 0830 it was obvious that we were screwed, again. No fish we’re to be had.

Such is the fate of fishermen. Just when one believes they have it dialed in they are reminded that they don’t; an especially cruel result in today’s case as conditions were absolutely perfect. But, as the saying goes, “this is not our first rodeo”. Recognizing the affront as a challenge we got on our horse and set to looking intent upon getting back in the game and ending this run on the correct note.

To our delight it didn’t take long. A relatively short tour along the edge confirmed the obvious; the fish had moved. Settling back in and biding our time things slowly developed then got with it as the afternoon rolled around. Never a barn burner, consistent with what we have experienced throughout this voyage, steady action with one or two on the line at just about all times tallied up to a fine score by day’s end. Satisfied with the results we broke it down and headed for home enjoying a ride across an ocean becalmed. A real treat at this time of the season we take the good fortune at face value. Thank you Mother Nature.

Photos today feature Royal Star anglers David Cohen and Chris Natividad with a couple of trip makers hanging on the scale. Nice work men!

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