Fish Report for 12-17-2017

Much Improved

Tim Ekstrom

Much better by comparison today with fair scratching throughout and plenty of opportunity. Rail time was again the recipe for success in a setting highly motivational. All day long beautiful yellowfin tuna crashed around the boat tantalizing and tormenting anglers that stood fast and fished hard for the one bite with day making potential. Calm seas and light winds complimented the effort that was far more inviting than yesterday.

In the end just about everyone had their shot; that one chance to settle up with the teasing devils they worked so hard for. Down to the final day tomorrow we yield to providence determined to make or break with what she provides. Photo today features first time Royal Star angler John Park who has quietly, patiently captured his share of beautiful tuna during the voyage so far. Today’s prize pushed the scale to the 120 pound mark.

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