Fish Report for 12-17-2017

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Dave Berutich/Seeker Fishing Rods Return

Sam Moore

We returned this morning at 0530 and offloaded our beautiful catch of Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo. It was a privalage to fish with such a good group of guys. Bein patient was the key to success. Shout out to the Jack Pot winners.

1st place- Brian Rudolph-220# Yellowfin

2nd place-Patrick DUNN-197# Yellowfin

3rd place-Mark Graeff-193# Yellowfin

And a stand out by Tony Gallo with a 213# Yellowfin

We depart on our Izorline 16 Day December 27th. We will check in later.

-Sam Moore and Intrepid Team

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