Fish Report for 12-15-2017


Tim Ekstrom

Things appeared to be on track early as daylight ushered in a handful of opportunities and conditions were prime. Then it shut down. Though we saw good sign throughout the day, especially mid afternoon, it did not produce results consistent with the prior several days. We certainly had a few shots; the day wasn’t a bust, but there were some long lulls and only a couple of times where it felt like we were in ‘em. Go figure. In prime conditions and a new moon coming one could easily imagine an extension of the better action. But this is fishing; change is never surprising.

The good news is that we have time to fish and continuing excellent conditions. A weather change is forecast tomorrow but this massive island lee will do it’s part to minimize the impact of the increased wind. And the significant part of the blow is only supposed to last for half or three quarters of a day, exactly what we prefer. Settled in and steadfast in our resolve to make it happen we’ll see how these abundant, semi-lock jawed devils behave tomorrow.

Photos today feature long time Royal Star veteran anglers Roger Nies with his beautiful 44 pound yellowtail, and Terry Uchida with one of his several 130 pound class yellowfin tuna.

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