Fish Report for 12-6-2017

Pulled it out late

Tim Ekstrom

A strong finish for the guys yesterday closing out the voyage with a story book ending, last hour hit, for 10 good ones before calling it trip heading for the barn. The two day jog will allow plenty of time for breaking down then reminiscing before anglers disembark in the beautiful southern paradise of Cabo San Lucas. It looks like they’re going to encounter at least a little bump and jump on the way to Cabo, courtesy of this strong Santa Ana breeze up and down the coast, but it should back off just in time for the final travel leg north from Saturday through Tuesday morning.

Should there be any more relevant details to share I will do so here. Otherwise look for a few more photos from the archives to grace our daily update until departure on the next seven day run departing December 13th with yours truly at the helm.

And, as far as that voyage goes, there are still three spots remaining for any last minute anglers looking to grapple with a season ending, Guadalupe trophy yellowfin tuna. If you can swing it feel free to give Tracy or I a call in the office any time.

Photo today features a giant yellowfin I caught with the camera about 20 feet below Royal Star during a tagging voyage way back in 2007. This fish was landed and taped out well over three hundred pounds. Then it was released to tell the tale, and continue making little tunas.





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