Fish Report for 12-5-2017

Bank Update

Tim Ekstrom

The report from Hurricane Bank is nice steady fishing for yellowfin in the 150 - 180 pound class with at least a couple of shots, if not a few more, at fish over 200 pounds each day; very typical giant yellowfin tuna/ long range style fishing with much time spent at the rail angling for that one or two potentially trip making bites. Now on their final fishing day the guys opted to remain on the outside satisfied with the old “bird in hand” rather that seeking something better or different elsewhere. In good weather their voyage will conclude in Los Cabos Saturday morning before the three day travel leg up the coast begins. I will update with the final fishing report tomorrow.

On another note the fishing at Isla Guadalupe continues to be red hot on yellowfin tuna in the 100 - 150 pound class. I’ve said it plenty but the voyage departing December 13th still has a few spots available for any angler seeking long range, holiday season glory. Returning on December 20 why not treat family and friends to some fresh holiday tuna? I can’t think of a more perfect gift to share.

Photo today features another from the Itano/ISSF archive. This beautiful “foamer” of jumbo skipjack and school size yellowfin was destined to become “chunk light” tuna soon after the image/school was captured.

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