Fish Report for 12-4-2017

Six Cows

Tim Ekstrom

Captain Paul Caramao established contact mid day yesterday via Iridium reporting fine fishing for jumbos in typical Hurricane Bank conditions. Just over thirty fish had made it over the rail in their first two days of fishing with 6 besting the two hundred pound mark and the remaining majority between 140 and 190 pounds. Excellent bait, plenty of time, good weather in the forecast, and a highly motivated group of trophy yellowfin aficionados are the perfect combination for continued success. I will keep everyone updated on the boy’s progress when I know.

Photo today features one I have shared before from the spectacular David Itano/ISSF file. Too good to skip as I scrolled through the collection these are the exact size class yellowfin tuna in the sights of the boys currently down below.


One other comment is my apology to Royal Star angler Gary Ishi whose Bluefin Tuna photo I mislabeled a couple days prior. Credit where credit is due - thanks Gary (Ishi), sorry for my mistake!

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