Fish Report for 11-21-2017

Trophy hit

Tim Ekstrom

Big fish morning in flat calm seas suggested a location somewhere far beyond 60 miles from San Diego; but it wasn’t. Right here in our own back yard anglers were treated to a hot and heavy bluefin tuna session on fish 150 - 170 pounds. After the post daylight hit things settled into a scratch bite that fizzled by mid morning. But the images and action during that first couple of hours were enough. Carrying in to the remainder of the day was a supreme sense of satisfaction. No doubt the final two days on the local bluefin grounds set things right. As morning blended into afternoon a slow pick on 40 - 50 fish developed and rewarded those at the rail with a couple of handfuls of mid grade, equally tasty, prized bluefin.

Buttoning up this annual “Island Tackle” 11 day run on the right note we extend our gratitude to this exceptional group of anglers and Charter Master/Island Tackle Co-Owner Sam De La Torre. Though there were a lot of slow days and unrewarded time spent at the rail not once did these anglers lose faith in the game plan or their sense of humor. It goes without saying that the true measure of character is strength in the face of adversity. In that respect everyone on board deserves accolades and our gratitude. Such character and perspective makes our trials far more bearable when fishing falls short.

In the end we conclude this voyage with a remarkable Fall eleven day catch featuring a variety list consistent with the season and trophy tuna, both yellowfin and bluefin. Considering the options only a few days prior a collective sigh of relief and sincere thanks to the Fish Gods are the note we end on. Photos today feature Royal Star anglers Dennis Mc Neely and Jim Baker with their prize 160 pound class bluefin tuna’s.

I do have several more photos and thoughts to share so look for a couple of follow ups through the weekend. In the mean time Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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