Fish Report for 11-20-2017

Premium Bluefin

Tim Ekstrom

Worth the effort to be sure timing favored the final move simultaneously expanding the variety and quality categories. Big bluefin were on the docket today proving themselves worthy adversaries and spectacular rewards. A full day of stationary, lines over the side, anchor fishing distributed opportunity among just about every angler willing to grind it out at the rail and put in the time. Combined with excellent fishing conditions and weather we’d have a hard time mustering a complaint. And in light of the prior days rugged fishing conditions and paltry production we’d rather not. As I’ve said many times in the past - “success is always relative”. Taking that into account we are ecstatic with today’s results.

Over twenty of the bigger bluefin made it into the RSW tank and a couple of handfuls of their junior brethren. In these flat calm conditions this close to the conclusion of the voyage any connoisseur of premium fresh seafood understands the value each one of these incredible bluefin represents. One final chance is calling tomorrow. We’ll see if we can conclude this run on the correct note.

Photos today feature first time Royal Star angler Steve Kuhn and uber Royal Star veteran Les Merrill with their 150 pound class prized bluefin tuna.

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