Fish Report for 11-10-2017

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Trip report for our Let's Talk Hook Up 6-day to Guadalupe Island. We had a very busy 3.5 days of fishing at the island. Departed early Saturday morning on our turn around and topped off with a beautiful load of 6-9" sardines. That afternoon we arrived at Ensenada and had a smooth check in. On our crossing we were greeted with good weather and good speed. We made it to the island at noon the next day. Didn't take long to locate the tuna and next thing you know we had them blowing out around the boat. We had a steady afternoon of fishing with a great grade of Yellowfin Tuna from 90-130 pounds and even a sampling of Yellowtail. The bite tapered off in the evening and we made our way to the bait making grounds. Bait was a little hard to make but we were able to load up two tanks. The next morning we found ourselves looking around for some yellowtail. We spent a few hours on the hunt trying a few spots. There was a lack of current so we decided to go look for tuna. Around mid morning we located the tuna. We put the anchor down and the fishing began. We had steady action all day keeping 1-3 going. Once the sun set the bite subsided and we made our move to the bait making spot. Again the bite was slow but we made what we needed. With poor yellowtail fishing the day before we decided to fish tuna all day. We pulled the anchor early morning and made our way to the spot. Just after sunrise we started to get some action. A few boils here and there and a few fish on deck. Same thing as the day prior, a great grade of tuna and steady fishing all day. This was the trend for the next two days with yesterday being one of our best days at the island this year. We had very steady fishing from sunrise to sunset. All day long we managed to keep 1-3 going with a couple flurries of 6-8 fish at a time. We ended our day with 55 Yellowfin and 2 Yellowtail for the day. Our trip total was 117 Yellowfin Tuna and 10 Yellowtail. We want to thank Pete Gray for putting together a great charter and we look forward to the next one!

-Shogun Crew

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