Fish Report for 10-24-2017


Bill Cavanaugh

Hi Gang,

Different conditions this morning made for different results in the tuna department. We ended up with just a couple tuna for our morning that were around the 80 pound mark. Shortly after first light we switched gears and looked around for wahoo. Fortunately for us, some wahoo had moved in and we had fairly steady wahoo action most of the day. The bombs were working, the Catchy Tackle jigs were working, the Raider jigs were working. One technique that seemed to pay off for the guys fishing it was the heavy fluorocarbon leader on the jigs instead of wire. With this method you run the risk of getting bit off if the fish nicks the line, but you get more bites. Risk / reward. It was a super fun day and a nice change in our routine. We are out of time down below and we started working north just after sunset. Our weather is absolutely gorgeous and the long range forecast is for more of the same. Our chefs prepared a duck dinner that was exceptional. Life is good, Captain Bill Cavanaugh and the Intrepid Team

The Intrepid runs long-range trips from Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego, CA. If you would like to join us on a fishing trip please call Steve Hoffman at (619) 224-4088 or BOOK ONLINE.

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