Fish Report for 10-20-2017

Good Reason

Tim Ekstrom

Classic passage north with a bit of bump and roll reminding us that access to Isla Guadalupe is limited for good reason. That is a real stretch of open ocean between home and there; one that will serve up a dose of reality to any vessel ill prepared. But we are not, and took the weather in stride chewing up the miles with little more than a few hours of discomfort.

Before we knew it the worst (if one could even call it that) was over and a flat calm final prime rib extravaganza was served dockside in the beautiful port city of Ensenada. It was a fitting conclusion to this voyage that was appropriately titled “Guadalupe Mexican Charter”.

Today’s premier image features the man himself Juan Acereto of the Sinaloa Sport Fishing Association who spearheaded the effort south of the border assembling a group of avid anglers well prepared for their first long range adventure. Our most sincere gratitude to Juan and friends for their enthusiastic support and participation! We look forward to next year!

Photo’s two and three feature siblings Steve and Carol-Anne Garrison with a beautiful grade yellowfin tuna and “Guadalupe Grade” yellowtail landed a few days prior.

We conclude this voyage with a huge expression of gratitude to all. Tomorrow the baton will be passed as Captain Brian “Gerbie” Sims assumes command on the next Tiburon 11 day voyage. Look for Brian’s daily reports and photos to commence tomorrow.



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