Fish Report for 10-19-2017

Picture Perfect

Tim Ekstrom

No question we have been riding a wave the past two voyages finding ourselves in the right position at the right time with uncanny consistency. And we have been making the most of every opportunity. In all pursuits there are those periods when things seem to fall into place; then there are the opposite. I went through plenty of that a couple of months back as readers may recall.

Beginning our morning with a faith based blunder I sensed a change for the worse upon us. I wasn’t committed to it, but the everything going right phase definitively ended. Non defeatist by nature we forged ahead seeking greener pastures elsewhere. Thus began a long day of stopping, dropping, and pulling with a paltry two fish to show for it. We just couldn’t get established. Though we already had a beautiful catch in the hatch, and the disposition of anglers below reflected zero concern, the fall from grace still grated, big time.

As it turned out the last shot of the day finally produced. A redemptive hit for a dozen more beauties, including a 168 and a 155, set us right, and ended this voyage on the precise note we desired. Breaking down the gear and enjoying our evening meal calm and stationary we buckled up then began the final run north supremely satistifed with success hard earned. Photos of the day first feature Jaima Oklin-Jolin with her grand finale 155, and Steve Busch with his 120 coming over the rail.

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