Fish Report for 10-17-2017

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Good Morning folks.

Reporting from the Isle of Guadalupe. We departed San Diego late Saturday morning with a very nice load of 6-8" sardines. We were greeted with very smooth following seas on our way to Ensenada. Check in went very fast and before we knew it we were underway for the island. The weather was grease calm on our crossing and we arrived mid afternoon on Sunday. Shortly after we arrived we found a sonar school. We dropped the anchor and the fish stuck to us. We had a slow afternoon only landing one 60 pound yellowfin tuna and had a few escape to fight another day. Licking our wounds we transitioned into bait making which proved effortless. A quick session after dinner and we had a nice tank of mixed greenies and tubes. We woke up Monday with a clean slate. Right after the sun rose we were busy hooking yellowtail. We had steady fishing for our morning landing 28 beautiful Guadalupe grade yellowtail with one in the estimated 60 pound range. Mid morning we made our move and started searching for tuna. We were able to locate some scattered fish but we pushed on till we found the right spot. Just a little bit later we found the right one that turned into multiple blow outs with fish sticking to the boat. All afternoon we had steady fishing on the 50-130# yellowfin. We were able to capture 15 for our efforts. This morning we are waking up on the yellowtail grounds with two tanks of big tube/scad mix. Stay tuned for today's update!

-Shogun Crew

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