Fish Report for 10-18-2017


Tim Ekstrom

And it continues. Better than yesterday we got relocated and returned to business slinging on beautiful yellowfin tuna mid afternoon. We did manage to boat a few in the early morning hours also breaking the pattern in both time and location. Based on what we landed, and where the action came from, I have to believe it bodes well for upcoming voyages. One thing certain is the amount of potential around this island. A spread of fish covering miles suggests plenty more action on this bigger tuna to come.

Aside from the quantity of fish around the real attention grabber is the almost unbelievable quality of the tuna. I jested a few days ago about Clarion north but that comparison is no stretch. Short of fish over 200 pounds coming over the rail regularly one could easily close their eyes around here, open them, and think they were sitting in the giant yellowfin tuna capital of the world. Out here 130’s to 150’s are commonplace this season, and a handful over 200 pounds have been landed. Throw in numerous models between 150 - 200, most of which escape for all the usual reasons using sardine class tackle, and it is easy to consider this different, and very special.

One day remaining sets the stage for the final push where we will stick with the formula before calling it good. Already well into the success category from a quantity and quality perspective a few more yellowtail for variety, and a few more tuna to add to the larder, will be a perfect end to our time in the “Crucible”.

Photo today features Royal Star angler Fausto Gutierrez who joined us last season on a voyage to Guadalupe and returns this season among good friends. Fausto, who is owner of the “Altatta Bay” hotel and resort just north of Mazatlan Mexico, has become a valued friend in the sport fishing world. Pictured here with his 167 pound yellowfin landed today friend Salvador “Chaba” Garza, and crewman Blake Wasano share in the triumph.

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