Fish Report for 10-17-2017


Tim Ekstrom

Knowing better than to expect consistent grandeur we took today’s change back to reality in stride. A big south swell on the rise yesterday portended this result. As the day progressed water conditions in our sweet spot deteriorated and the fish faded away. Not before we had our chances though. Similar to yesterday only short lived anglers enjoyed the show and put their tackle to the ultimate test. Some won, some lost, and some were served to the locals. A more modest total of 11 landed spoke again to the quality of the quarry and challenge presented by each one.

Regardless of the slackened fishing pace a thoroughly relaxed atmosphere on board is no doubt the result of our success already but also the setting itself. In flat calm seas and spectacularly beautiful surroundings a sense of overall satisfaction is impossible to resist. As such we are hunkered in and ready for tomorrow happy as all get out just to be here.

Photo today breaks the mold slightly with a little bit of sangre but the size of the fish and angle are too good to resist. Long time Royal Star veteran Andy Pulido got the job done with this 140 pound class beauty.


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