Fish Report for 10-12-2017


Tim Ekstrom

No where near the pace of the previous four days but we still got a good look at them and made good on a couple of handfuls of opportunities. The same quantity of fish were around just spread out and a little reluctant to settle in and get to biting. Not exactly how we aimed to end our time on the outside the lack of big production did little to dampen enthusiasm overall. We had our shots, and then some, and we maximized our opportunities.

Coupled with the epic scenery and ample relaxation during the down times we’ll take these results with much appreciation and gratitude. Despite all it’s pluses that island is no easy place to assemble a worthy catch of quality gamefish. While those fortunate enough to fish out there during the last couple of years may not agree the reality of fishing the “Crucible” is hitting home this season. As such we are currently riding high with more than a tank of beautiful, Royal Star quality RSW yellowtail and tuna that will grace the table of families and friends back home for quite some time.

Tomorrow will be spent in prospecting mode for a few morning hours as we work our way across a flat calm ocean that can only be described as sublime. Perhaps a dorado and friends will catch a ride home with us if we draw the right cards. If not we’ll call it a success with what we’ve got mighty pleased with every aspect of this voyage.

Photo today features Jeff Chuang with his 130 pound class trophy yellowfin landed back on our first fishing day.


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