Fish Report for 10-10-2017

Photo Credit: Royal Star Crew

Our Style

Tim Ekstrom

Not the pace of yesterday but we stacked another 7 beauties in the RSW from about three times as many tries. Plagued by a series of hook pulls and gear failures we also augmented the diet of a few locals much to our chagrin. The size average of these tuna, at 120 pounds and above, is the previously stated reason for the low numbers/averages. They are big, spirited, and tough to core; every one is a battle royale. Of course that level of challenge is the foundation of our style of fishing. This is the big league.

So we await another day - eagerly, as opportunities such as this are what we live for. A few beautiful yellowtail pass the mornings productively then the main event calls. Photos today feature anglers Jason Welsh with a rotund 135 and Hugh Ngo with his trophy, 52.5 pound yellowtail.

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