Fish Report for 10-5-2017


Bill Cavanaugh

Hi Gang,

We awoke this morning with high hopes of catching more trophy sized yellowtail. Unfortunately, that was not the case and we did not catch a single yellowtail for our efforts. We pulled our anchor around 0700 and looked around for some wahoo. Once we got to the most likely place for them to be...hook up! We picked up 3 nice sized wahoo. One on the troll, one on a wahoo bomb, and one on a live bait wire leader rig. That was it. no more signal, so we took off to our next destination. We looked at some nice kelp paddys in good, warm water that only had a dorado or two on them for most of our afternoon.  At around 1530, we got into a pocket of warmer, cleaner water and almost right away located a kelp paddy. Tyler Tubbs spotted this kelp from at least two and a half miles away and it was a big one. Once we started getting closer, you could see dorado jumping all around the kelp. Here we go. It was as good as you could want it on dorado that were 15 to 25 pounds. Every bait that hit the water was a bite. Dorado racing around with their backs out of the water chasing baits, doing back flips over each other trying to eat any sardine to hit the water. It was awesome! We caught our daily limits of dorado and drove away from them biting. What an incredible stop! Our chefs topped off our day with a rack of lamb dinner that was delicious. We will be on the hunt for larger yellowfin tuna tomorrow. Wish us luck, Captain Bill Cavanaugh and the Intrepid Team

The Intrepid runs long-range trips from Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego, CA. If you would like to join us on a fishing trip please call Steve Hoffman at (619) 224-4088 or BOOK ONLINE.

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