Fish Report for 9-27-2017

Tackle Test

Paul Carramao

Started off the morning yet again spot fishing for yellowtail being that all the tuna sign has showed in the afternoon that last few days. We picked up 42 yellowtail out of various spots includeing a 62lb monster caught by angler Ryan DaRosa. Same as the last couple days all tactics seemed to produce. The tuna fishing this afternoon was very similar. We only managed to pick off 4 of these tackle busting tuna. I cant even begin to stress on how important it is to make sure all of your gear is in order while targeting these big tuna. At one point today we lost 10 in a row due to bad knots, spectra breaking and people not using appropriate gear. We are targeting trophys here. Were gunna regroup tonight and get prepared to do this again tomorrow.

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