Fish Report for 8-29-2017

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Hey folks- sounds like the Rice Bowl group is at it again! Just checked in with Captain Rene and the guys had a great day. They had steady action on yellowtail for the better part of the day. Fortunately when bite backed off, yellowfin took it's place. Sounds like a great start to the trip. We will give you more updates when we check in with the boat tomorrow. Wish them luck!

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Hey folks- we did manage to use a few tags today. We landed a handful of tuna and a dozen yellows. We seen plenty of sign again today but bites are scarce. The group wants to give it at least another morning here. We are hoping tomorrow is the day things turn around. Wish us luck....... Read More

Hey folks- we saw plenty good enough sign to make for an eventful day. Unfortunately they had other plans on their agenda. We managed to get them to stick around the boat and splash around but it was to no prevail. We anchored up for the night in hopes that we get a shot at some yellowtail. Gonna give it another go on the tuna in the morning and if it doesn't pay off we will stitch our focus over...... Read More