Fish Report for 8-28-2017


Indy Crew

The 3rd annual John Collins Invitational was nothing short of sensational. We started off the trip at the Bait Receivers with some outstanding raffle prizes that were donated by some very generous company's. After traveling South for a couple of days, we were rewarded with excellent Yellowfin Tuna fishing. We got our daily limits and then proceeded for an overnight ride in search of Wahoo. It didn't take long before they started to bite. Several passengers were rewarded with their very first Wahoo. As a couple of them told me. their whole trip was made at that point. After the Wahoo drill we were off in search of Yellowtail. After another overnight ride we arrived at our destination. For the first hour or so it didn't look promising. but then it was like someone threw a light switch. It was as good as it could possibly get. Fly-lined Sardine.YoYo jigs, or surface iron; take your pick. Daily limits were easily obtained. We still had a full day of fishing left and it was decided to fish the coast for a relaxing day of Calico Bass fishing. We had a great time catching and releasing 3-5lb bass throughout the day.
The best way to describe this trip was FUN,FUN,FUN. A personal thank you to Jeff and the entire Independence crew who performed with the expertise they are well known for.I would also like to thank all of the company's who generously donated there products for all to enjoy.I keep saying each year it can't get any better but it continues to prove me wrong. Hats off to an absolutely outstanding group of passengers to which it was a pleasure to fish and socialize with. Thank you....John Collins

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for Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Picturesque Day