Fish Report for 8-28-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello Everyone:

Today was really a good day of fishing. Its started off with the first yellowtail coming over the rail around 0800 this morning. We kept 5-8 going for two hours until just before lunch time. The average size around 22-28 pounds with some bigger and some smaller. As quick as it started it was over. we went looking and found small wolf packs schools of yellowtail chasing around bait. After putting several of them into the RSW we pointed the boat south towards our next fishing destination. Wish us luck.

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Hello Everyone: Today was spent fishing along the coast. Our main focus was calico bass, which we had outstanding fishing for them along with a few yellowtail, barracuda, sand bass and a surprise visit by some white sea bass!!. All and all it was a fun filled day of fishing and everyone had a great time. We are now traveling up the coast to spend our last day looking for Bluefin tuna and whatever else comes our way. ...... Read More

Hello Everyone: We arrived at the yellowtail grounds at the crack of dawn. It took a while for the yellowtail to wake up and eat, after a few short moves they started to bite the surface iron, and flyline sardines like they were starving, We kept 1-5 going until after lunch. Most of the yellowtail were 22-25 pounds. We are headed to our next fishing destination, Wish us luck. ...... Read More