Fish Report for 8-27-2017

Going Coastal & ETA 8/28/17

Jeff DeBuys

Going Coastal
Yesterday we followed the beautiful Baja coast and made stops here & there for outstanding calico bass fishing, big fat bass biting the bass gear. The serine coastline and way off the beaten path location made for a great day. Hot & sunny the guys made cast after cast releasing the quarry to bite another day. With another bountiful catch in the RSW hatches we called it a trip last nite and will be back to San Diego at 0500 tomorrow. Sea ya then, Jeff & crew

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The Lake temperature is still around 80 degrees and the water is slowly getting clearer. The bass are still the main attraction. One of our regulars, Vince DePalma reported two very Largemouth with one at 5.1 Ibs and the other around 4 pounds. The Stroker Bass Club held a tournament on Saturday and at first check in they reported 12 Bass for the first four boats. There were several large Catfish caught in deep water this week and the Panfish...... Read More

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for Saturday, August 26th, 2017

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