Fish Report for 6-20-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

What a great day! The weather started out chilly, but eventually the skies cleared and the air warmed. We caught many Yellowtail ranging from 18 to 30 pounds (and some even bigger). You could barely hear the sound of the fish flopping on the deck over Roy’s ceaseless shouting, “There’s another biter!” or “BOIL!” (I bet you read that in his voice). At least it wasn’t as annoying as trying to play cards with him. He couldn’t stop cheating against Dylan on our travel days!

In other news, Captain Colby has changed his name to Captain Roy, and Morgan woke up before lunch! However, that was only because Dharyl blew an air horn in Dominic’s room this morning, shouting, “Wake up, soldier!” Greg Hibbs was not pleased. Meanwhile, Eddie has conned the kids into catching him white fish all night, but they love it. We still have one more full day of fishing before we start heading north, so wish us luck!

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