Fish Report for 6-9-2017

Captain Mike Ramirez handling the scoops of bait.
Photo Credit: Rene Sanchez

Fresh out on a 7 day

Mike Ramirez

Hello anglers,

Today we departed on our annual  Excel 7 Day open trip.After picking up a good looking load of bait  we cleared point around noon. We will be heading south. Wish us luck.

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Hello anglers, the last couple days we have been working offshore looking for tuna. The sign in our local waters is incredible but alas they don't want to bite anybodys hooks it seems. There was plenty to see between breezers, bird schools, and sonar schools. We fished hard to finish up and we will be back at Fisherman's Landing at 0530. We will be turning around on a 7 day open trip. Wish us luck!...... Read More

Hello anglers, For the last couple of days we've been in pursuit of the highly sought after springtime yellowtail. Mother nature graciously rewarded our hard fought efforts with tranquil seas and abundant yellowtail. I have to say the quality and grade of fish has truly been a spectacle to behold. As always our premier chefs have kept us going with ample and palate satisfying dishes throughout the day. That's all for now folks, wish us luck...... Read More