Fish Report for 5-4-2017

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Sorry for the lack of updates this trip, unfortunately the wifi antenna went down. We had less than desirable conditions on the way to the island and the following day upon arrival. With the wind blowing 20-30+ knots. We spent the first afternoon tucked away to stay out of weather. The next day it backed off enough to stretch our legs and look around. Unfortunately after searching all day we were unable to find any sign of tuna and only had a handful of yellowtail for our efforts.

We opted to spend the remainder of the trip trying our hand at some Bluefin. The amount of fish we saw was pretty amazing. It took quite a bit of weeding through but eventually we found a few schools to get a reaction from. And we did have a successful gray bite one of the mornings for most of the fish put a tag on. We had Bluefin from 25-110 pounds.

If you are on an upcoming trip bring 20 – 60# setups.

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