Fish Report for 4-18-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello RP Friends,

This will be my last report of the trip, I hope you enjoyed the ghostwriting as a change of pace.

On the last day of most trips, passengers would be relaxing while reading books and watching movies. Our group prepares for UFC-6. Preparation entails collecting spare containers of mustard, ketchup, syrup, chocolate, old muffins, cake, water balloons, flour bombs and deck hoses. All of which were put to good use.

UFC was a competition between three teams and events. Dharyl and Tommy were the Panthers, Dumb and Dumber was made up of Jonathon and Darren, Captain Ahab and Red Beard contained Roy & Karl. First up, water boarding in which we had the crew dress in their lycra bodysuits for a hose down and water balloon shelling. Next up, the crew had to catch bait out of the bait tank using mini rods. In a very short time, they broke every rule they instructed us to avoid. Panthers led after that stage. Third up was the dreaded walk of shame in which the teams had to hold hands and walk slowly around the boat while getting covered with ketchup, mustard, chocolate sauce, syrup, flour bombs, muffins and cake. Last up was the wind off in which they had to wind up 20oz sinkers on rods with reels on backwards. After a true battle, Dumb & Dumber were victorious followed by Captain Ahab & Red Beard and last was the Panthers. Once decided, it became a crew vs passenger food and water balloon battle that raged on for about 15 minutes. Absolutely hilarious!

We had a great trip! We had all conditions of fishing including slow, good and great days, but no matter what, we had equal amounts of fun daily. We found ways to entertain ourselves throughout the trip. Some of the greatest sources of laughter came during the slowest times. You can credit that to a great group of passengers combined with an exceptional crew.

We ended the trip with 194 tuna and 172 wahoo with 13 tuna over 200lbs and 2 over 300lbs.

200lb Club included: Yacoob Vahed, Richard Losey, Bill Nakaki, Sue Beck, Gary Edwards, Stan Cowan, Jonathon Hodes (x2)Dave Edgar (x2), Mike Hieshima (x3).

Last Hello’s, Garry Roberts says hi to Karan and Daniela. Roland Crane would like to say hello to Christiana and Chanta. Kevin Crow would like to say hello to his nephew Bradford.

Thank you all for your wishes of good luck during our trip, it definitely helped! We will be in Cabo early tomorrow and home soon.

Ghostwriter signing off until September (virtual mic drop).

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