Fish Report for 4-17-2017

Photo Credit: RP Crew

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Happy Easter!

We arrived in the dark to the spot of Yacoob’s large fish yesterday. Immediately, we started hooking fish, but they were the smaller variety with most 40-50lbs and a couple in the low 100’s. The bite stopped as the sun came up as we sat there wondering if we would get anything of size in the next 6 hours. The kite was getting hoo’d and there were no signs of bigger fish. I was starting to think about the content of this report being how much fun we had despite the tough fishing conditions. Right then, the Easter Bunny delivered in a big way, things changed quickly and the kite started getting smashed.

Dave “Clicker” Edgar got the first nice one at 222lbs (his 2nd 200lber of the trip). Next up, a couple huge boils on flyers and crushed baits came back. John Yamate was up and had one of the coolest blowouts I have seen with the perfect view of a very large fish coming 2/3rds out of the water. After a great battle, 4 gaffs hoisted John’s 306lber over the rail (his 2nd career 300).

Next up, Jonathon Hodes got up and his flyer was boiled on. 30 minutes later, John had a 226lber (his 2nd 200 of the trip). Richard “Big Fish” Losey and yours truly stepped up to the plate. My flyer started out nervous and was met head on by a fish that came airborne and gulped my flyer in a mouth the size of a 5 gallon bucket (2nd coolest bite ever). Richard got smashed just after mine and he was on. After our battles, Richard landed a beautiful 212lber and I was lucky enough to land a 274lber. Next up, Stan “The Cowman” Cowan who came out of retirement to join us on the trip. His flyer got smashed by another giant and killed his bait. Roy, the Tuna Whisperer was able to tease the tuna into a re-bite and game on. When it came to gaff, the fish weighed 226lbs, which was our 6th fish over 200lbs this morning. Last up, Uncle Vince Corbacci, his story requires a new paragraph.

Well, Vince is a veteran of long range fishing and is well respected and loved on the boat. He is an avid poker player, great fisherman and friend of mine. Well, Vinny told several of us that this was going to be his last long trip as it was too hard on his body. As such, he wanted to go out in style. I’d say it was a success as Vinny grabbed his big gear, got a flyer and went out on the kite. Within a few seconds, he had several very large, very hungry tuna competing for his bait. At that point, the wind picked up and the flyer was above the water. 2 huge fish got fully airborne trying to get the airborne flyer. Tommy told him to put it into freespool and as it hit the water, a beast of a tuna jumped 10′ in the air and landed on his flyer, an unbelievable bite (supersedes the coolest ever)! He was told to wind and wind he did, as fast as he could. The only problem is in the excitement, Uncle forgot to put his reel in gear and the fish was swimming around with his flyer deep in his belly. After a bit of encouragement by Roy, Vince slammed it into gear and was on. This fish planed out wide, going around the boat several times. The first gaff went in then the 2nd, 3rd & 4th. In fact a 5th gaff was needed to pull in Vinny’s 326lber. Wow, talk about a microphone drop! Congrats Uncle!

A few well earned hello’s. John wants to send a big hug to Cindy, Jeff, Jennifer & Seaforth Landing for his 2nd over 300. Kevin Shannon sends his love to Susan & Briana. Stan says poke is on the way to Wendy. I’d like to send a Happy Easter to all the Hieshima’s. Now for Uncle Vince, he would like to thank his lovely wife Suzanne for allowing him 43 years of fishing on these trips. He sends his love to his grandchildren Hinani, Alina, Ariton & Rider, his kids Joe, Sabrina & Tina and to his daughter and son in law. I’ll get the rest tomorrow.

We had one of the most enjoyable mornings I can remember on these trips (5 over 200 and 2 over 300). It must have been all the luck you guys wished us! We are breaking down gear and starting to rest.

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