Fish Report for 4-13-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello RP Followers;

We had a fun morning with good bait fishing and very good action on the kite. The sharks allowed a few more fish through the gauntlet today, but unfortunately no big ones made it through. We had surprisingly good wahoo fishing with the assistance of a little pink duct tape. It all started with someone putting a little piece of bright pink tape on the hook and catching a couple in a row. Next thing you know it, 3-4 more hooks have pink ribbons and more success. Shortly thereafter, everyone had pink ribbons on the hooks and someone went so far as to wrap a mackerel in pink tape and send it out (really).

We had a personal best and first catch today as Daniel caught his first wahoo and received a shower as it was gaffed. We then had a last man standing competition trolling for wahoo in which the last person to catch one received a dual deck hose shower. The nicest guy on the boat finished last, proving the old saying. Congrats to Steve Wong!

A few hellos. Brian (who caught a couple nice tuna and wahoo) says hello to Deanna, Rilee & Ethan (he is having a great time!). Rich Losey wanted to wish his beautiful wife Linda a Happy Anniversary! He also wanted to say Dad loves you to his little boy Aaron (let’s have a group awwwwww!). Doc Stan Kanow would like to say hi to Mark and Carolyn. He hooked a couple big fish today but got rocked on both.

In any case, we continue to search for giant Yellowfin tuna and have a few days remaining. Wish us luck!

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