Fish Report for 4-9-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello RP Friends,

We made it to our destination at 12:30 in the morning. The crew got right to work and started collecting flying fish and loaded us up. We moved to our spot at about 3am and everyone was up excited to fish. Cranking glow in the dark lures gave way to fishing skipjack in the dark. Doc Gary Edwards hooked and landed the first tuna of the trip on a skipjack, a beautiful 180lber. Next up, Daniel Artea hooked and landed his personal best and at 5am, received his morning shower. We had a good morning session and then spent some time cruising the bank for wahoo, which was good fishing. Daniel’s friend, Dave Edgar caught the big fish of the day at 212lbs before Daniel landed his second personal best (shower #2) at 180lbs. Stan Kanow and Rick Allen did really well each catching a couple nice tuna and wahoo.

Since it was the Daniel and Dave show, they were part of the funny story of the day. On Daniel’s first fish he used his friend Dave’s favorite rod, Roy accidently bumped his reel and threw it out of gear causing a pretty big backlash that they simply wound over to land the fish. He was so excited after his personal best shower, he set the rod back without telling Dave. Well, Dave picked up the outfit and cast out a prized tube mackerel (limited supply) only to find a huge backlash. After many expletives about his friend Dave and with the help of others (me), he cleared it and was winding in his dead prized mackerel when boom, he gets a bite that turns into a 212lber.

We are Happy out here hunting for more tuna and wahoo at Hurricane.

Wish us luck!

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