Fish Report for 4-8-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

This is one of my favorite days. We have been thru the gear 3 times over. We’ve checked drags, made a thousand kite leaders, watched a dozen movies, played countless hours of poker (more like paid off Vince, aka Uncle Buck) and placed Jonathon’s pillow in the freezer (just because). There’s not much left to do, but get there. This is the time when you know we are close, but time slows down. You wonder why Frank didn’t buy the bigger engines or put the fuel surcharge to good use. We keep asking like the 5th graders we all are… Are we there yet?

We had one entertaining event today as we were trolling a couple lures and low and behold, the clicker went ripping Not being very prepared, half the spool of my 50 wide was quickly being emptied off as David Edgar (aka Clicker) picked up the rod and tightened down the drag. The 500+lb blue marlin was never in danger as she continued off as though hooked with trout gear. Clicker gallantly tried to turn her and as he did, the line buried into the reel and craaaack. The fish continued on as Clicker lost his foothold and did his best WWE flying elbow slam to the deck. Fortunately, both he and the marlin continued on unscathed.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

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