Fish Report for 4-6-2017

We had a big birthday today… John Yamate turned a young 60! Some may say he’s over the hill, but all you need to do is watch him fish to know he’s simply on to the next! Happy Birthday to a great guy and great fisherman!
Photo Credit: Royal Polaris Crew

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

By the 2nd Day of travel, we settle into story telling mode. We are treated to hearing the same stories for the 27th time. However, we are all gluttons and listen attentively even though most of us can recite verbatim the end to every story. Stories about rods getting thrown over (most involving my favorite retired gynecologist, Doc Gary aka Hands of Gold). Big fish caught and lost in every conceivable way, stories about “That Guy”. Adventures of Little Frank, Ultimate Fishing Challenges of the past. All really good stuff and worthy of telling a couple dozen more times.

The reality is that we look forward to hearing them over and over, mainly because we all know the next chapter is about to be written.

Speaking of which, we had some bait issues and had to make a stop to replenish at Alijos. We had fun catching Olive and snowy grouper, yellowtail and 1,500 mackerel to supplement or surviving supply. We are now headed on our way to the lower zone ready to do battle.

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