Fish Report for 4-5-2017

Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris Crew

Hi There Royal Polaris Friends!

This is Mike Hieshima, your trip’s ghostwriter for the 2017 Nakaki charter.

It never ceases to amaze me how much gear we bring, accumulate and in a lot of cases never use. They need to film an episode of Hoarders on the RP as there are 23 on board this trip. No matter how hard we try to stop, we are constantly buying tackle that we really don’t need but sure makes us feel better.

Case in point, why do I have so many rubber flyers in different positions with giant piercingly sharp treble hooks coming out their backs? I blame this case of hoarding on Roy, who 10 years ago gave the secret tip that they were working well and make sure to grab one for the trip. So of course, I ran out and bought the flying one, non flying one, diving version and would have bought the mating one but it was out of stock. So far in 14 long range trips, I’ve only put it out one time. In any case, after stabbing myself multiple times with incredibly sharp trebles and bringing these things on every trip, I’ve learned my lesson. I’m only going to buy 2 of whatever is the next hot tip!

The day was relaxing as we head down the line with great weather. We are prepping all the gear and preparing to do battle.

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