Fish Report for 2-7-2017

New area

Mike Ramirez

Hello anglers, We ended up leaving our first spot to try and find some better sign of fish. We arrived at our second destination about 0530 in the morning. Once we got the anchor down it didn't take long for the fish to find us. We had steady action in the morning on the 60-130 pound yellowfin tuna. When things started to slow down we pulled the anchor and picked off a handful of wahoo. The afternoon was a little slow but we are going to spend the night and see what tomorrow brings. Wish us luck

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Hello anglers, We arrived at the our destination around 0900 this morning. It was not quite what we expected. There was a little sign of wahoo around and not much tuna. We worked at the wahoo for a bit picking up a dozen or so before we put the anchor down and concentrated on the tuna. We ended up with a handfull of good grade yellowfin before the sun set, one of witch was a cow. Big fish of the...... Read More

Hello anglers, We have spent the last couple of days rigging and prepping. The anticipation is starting to biuld, we will be arriving at our destination tomorrow morning. The weather is still cooperating with us by staying nice and calm. We will keep you posted on how things go, wish us luck....... Read More