Fish Report for 1-22-2017

Jay Orbon picked up this 202.6 pounder on the kite with a flying fish. Nice work Jay!
Photo Credit: Excel Crew

Excel At Hurricane Bank

Justin Fleck

Capt Justin checked in from the Excel to report that they have been at Hurricane Banks for the last 3 days, fishing started off really good and get some good shots at the big ones. Most were 175 lbs or bigger and we had 5 cows one day and a few heartbreaks, yesterday was a little slower but we still had a decent day and today has been really slow. Not sure if the conditions are changing and the weather reports have a few concerned but the swell is pretty well spaced and the winds have not reached 20 knots yet, so it hasn't been too bad. We are gonna sit tight for today and are on the anchor, if it gets worse we will make a move, we will check back in in a couple days.

If you would like to go fishing on the Excel. Please take a look at our schedule where you can BOOK ONLINE. If you have any questions our office is OPEN on weekdays. You can call us at (619) 223-7493.

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