Fish Report for 1-1-2017

Excel Has Good Fishing In The Lower Zone

Justin Fleck

Capt Justin checked in from the Excel as they are fishing the lower zone and reports that the fishing is pretty good. The fishing is a little different that the last trip, last time most of the bites were at night. Now they are biting during daylight and we have had a pick at some nicer grade tuna from 80 to 200 lbs. Most of the bite are coming from fly lined sardines on 100 lb flourocarbon and we are getting a couple bite on the kites. We are also getting a few Wahoo, so good weather, good fishing. We are going to stick around a couple more days and see if we can get a few more cows. We will check in again in a couple days.

If you would like to go fishing on the Excel. Please take a look at our schedule where you can BOOK ONLINE. If you have any questions our office is OPEN on weekdays. You can call us at (619) 223-7493.

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