Fish Report for 12-7-2016

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Hey folks

We made a couple tanks of mackerel last night and hung tight on the anchor till 0700 with only a few yellowtail on the board. After looking g around for over half an hour with no sign we took a sweep out in deeper water and it paid off. The fish were well off the island and off the edge and they were in big schools. It was almost like fishing bft offshore. They would boil up real good in the beginning, get a flash on the slide then pick at them on a long drift. These were nicer fish as well with over half going over 100# with fish up to 145#. The island looks like it is coming around with lots of fish around. Make sure of you are on upcoming trips you have both 60 & 80# Flurocarbon and 3/0-7/0 circle hooks for the varied sized baits we are using. We will be in on Friday at 0500 and leave again the following morning on another 6 day to the island.

-Shogun Crew

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