Fish Report for 11-21-2016

Headed Home

Mike Ramirez

Hello anglers, After a few days on the Ridge we were able to put together a catch of yft, wahoo and yellowtail. We also had a handfull of big grouper in the mix. We are headed up the line today and will be in tomorrow morning 0530. I'd like to thank Team Hoo for always having a great time even when fishing was tough. It all came together at the end.

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Hello anglers, As you know for the last couple of days we've been fishing for trophy size yellowfin tuna. As luck would have it we were unsuccessful in our attempt at a cow. We will spend the next few days targeting school size tuna, Yellowtail and wahoo. The weather has been very good. Wish us luck...... Read More

Hello anglers, For the last two days we've been scratchin away at yellowfin and a handfull of wahoo. We also had a few nice grouper in the mix. It's been a little slower than usual but we are putting it together. We will be headed to the lower zone tonight in search of a few trophies. Wish us luck....... Read More