Fish Report for 11-14-2016

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Hey folks

The tuna started biting again right at daylight today. Luckily we had very clean fishing and landed almost everything we hooked. The morning bite died about 1100 and we went and tried for some yellows. They bit good but these fish were beasts. Even using 100# line we were lucky to get 1 out of 4 off the bottom. The guys had a great time pulling on these 25-50# yellowtail. About 1400 we pulled it and looked for tuna. The first school did. It react but the second one came right to the boy and we got a nice shot right at dark. Tomorrow is our last and final day of fishing. Wish us luck and lots of biting fish.

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Hey folks The tuna started biting right after daylight. We kept 1-4 going in a long drift till about 1030. We caught a few fish over 100# up to 131. After that drift we never saw a tuna the rest of the day. We scraped up some nice yellows though and made another tank of bait. Hopefully tomorrow they want to play all day. Wish us luck and more beautiful weather. ...... Read More

Hey folks We arrived about 1400 and started looking around. We did not see much for the first couple hours. This has been the usual schedule for the fish lately, not showing up till the evening. About 1600 we saw a very impressive school and go the anchor down. We had a nice flurry on beautiful grade fish till dark. We are going to try and make some bait tonight and try again tomorrow. ...... Read More