Fish Report for 11-9-2016

Shogun Fishing Report

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Hey folks

These tuna right now sure aren’t early birds. We didn’t see a tuna till about 1000. Around 1100 we found a nice spread out school and kicked the anchor over. It took a while to develop but we started keeping something on the line after about an hour. The bite picked up momentum the later it got, sometimes having up to 7 going. A lot of these fish were over 100# and the guys using 80# fluro definitely faired better than the guys using lighter line. The tax man took his share but we ended up with a little catch and some good action to end the trip. We are headed back up to Ensenada and will be into Fishermans landing @ 0530 on Friday.

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Hey folks Since we haven’t been seeing much in the way tuna till the afternoon we decided to try our luck at some yellowtail this morning. The first couple anchor jobs resulted in only a handful. We made a little move and found a ridge with a nice amount of fish. The tide started off slow but picked up momentum and we were busy for a few hours on 25-45 pound mossbacks. The current died about 1400...... Read More

Shogun Sportfishing Reports
for Monday, November 7th, 2016

Shogun Fishing Report
Shogun Fishing Report