Fish Report for 10-27-2016

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Hey folks, checking in on our last day of fishing with the Let’s Talk Hook Up 6 day. This morning was a little slower but the quality made up for it. We captured 18 tuna with 14 of them exceeding the 100 pound mark and the biggest going 135. Around lunch the current slacked off so we decided to try our hand at some yellowtail action. We did find the targeted species but for whatever reason they had lockjaw. We were able to tag 12 of them after a honest try. We then decided to switch back into tuna mode to end the trip. With a hour of daylight left we got our first bite of our last stop we managed to land 7 tuna before calling it a great trip.

A big thanks to Pete Gray from Let’s Talk Hook Up for the giveaways and great personality he brought to the boat. Weather has been absolutely gorgeous the entire trip. Jake and Chris put out some amazing dishes in the galley. A very successful trip from start to finish.

We depart Saturday morning with Island Fishing Tackle on a 7-day. We will be checking back in then.

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