Fish Report for 10-26-2016

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Hey folks, another great day of fishing here at the island. It took a little longer to find some fish to stop on this morning but when did they didn’t let us down. We had an initial drift for 19. It started out hot and heavy but backed off kinda quick. They hung under the boat and boiled but wouldn’t eat the hook baits. We opted to put the anchor down and just after coming tight we started to hang fish. Expect for a hour or so, we kept at least 1 tuna going until a hour before dark. Fortunately during that tunaless hour we landed 18 yellowtail 25-35#. We tagged 61 tuna, most of which were 75-95+ pounds, and 19 yellows for our efforts today. We are going to give it another go tomorrow so wish us luck.

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