Fish Report for 10-2-2016

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Hey folks

The morning started out very slow. We didn’t see much after daylight till about 1000. We drifted up 16 beauties in a couple hours till the current died. We looked around for a couple hours and finally found a little area of fish; we decided to try on the anchor since the wind had picked up a little. The fish started to build and it unfolded I to a steady bite. We ended up with over 60 fish for the day, all beautiful grade. We are going to try for yellows again tonight and see what happens. Wish us luck and biting fish.

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Hey folks We only caught a few yellowtail last night and come daylight we pulled the anchor and looked around. About 0700 the sonar popped and clacked on some scattered fish and they boiled right away. We drifted for a few hours keeping 1-4 going. We had several other short drifts then another decent one mid afternoon. No wide open bites but all the fish are 60-100#, Beautiful grade fish. We are going to try for bait and yellows tonight then...... Read More

Shogun Sportfishing Reports
for Friday, September 30th, 2016

Shogun Fishing Report
Shogun Fishing Report