Fish Report for 8-3-2016

Shogun Fishing Report

Shogun Office Staff

Hey folks

We got a few handfuls of yellowtail last night and come daylight headed over to catch some tuna. A small batch of fish got on us and we picked a few but soon went dead. We headed down the island and tried and anchor job for yellowtail. We were not quite ready for what we saw. 50+# yellows started boiling around in which we hooked several and landed two whoppers. One at 51 and one toad at around 80#! It was an incredible fish and one I will never forget. After that slowed down we found a little area of tuna and picked a dozen fish between 100 & 140. Current backed off so we headed back up the island and it was like every fish for miles was in one area. We kept several going till dark and ended the trip beautifully. Another amazing trip to the island is in the books. We are goi g to head up to Ensenada looking for kelps along the way. Wish us luck. Oh yeah and btw the weather has been flat calm all trip. Sunscreen was needed not sweatshirts. We leave Thursday another Rice Bowl Charter 3 day trip. We will check in soon.

-Shogun Crew

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