Fish Report for 11-21-2006

Big Jims Bombers

Bill Roecker

Mike Keating docked his Spirit of Adventure at H&M Landing November 21, after an 11-day trip down south on the Big Jim's Bomb Squad charter. Not surprisingly, the jackpot was a wahoo sweep.

Fishing aboard the boat was another wahoo expert, Matt Salas of Salas lures. Matt said he lost several 6X jigs to wahoo, but when he sized down to 6X Jr. jigs, he got the biters. He caught six wahoo on black and purple jigs.

Randy Bathauer of Torrance needed only 20 minutes to finish off the jackpot-winner, a 63-pound wahoo that bit on a red and purple Braid Bomb. He said he fished with 50-pound Izorline and a Baja Special Penn reel, with a Calstar 765 L rod.

Joe Martinez of Lomita was second, for a 60-pound hoo that whacked a gold Raider jig. Frank James of Warrenton, OR bagged a 53-pounder that bit one of Salas' purple and black 6X Jr. jigs.

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